Saturday, August 11, 2012

One-day trip to Vaasa

Yesterday I made a one-day trip to Vaasa, a city on the west coast of Finland (population: 60,435, founded in 1606). The city was known as Nikolainkaupunki (City of Nikolai) between 1855 and 1917, when Finland was still part of the Russian Empire.

Vaasa is very beautiful and international place, and one of my favorite cities in Finland. There live a lot of foreigners, and my good friend lives there, too. Besides I met my friend, I visited the old Orthodox Christian church, and after that I was swimming in the sea. Such a pleasure for me! ^_^

In the church, I lighted two candles and I prayed for two persons especially: for my dear friend and my big sister... It was really touching and sacred moment. I visited that church last time 30 years ago, when I was still a child.

I also bought a "travel icon" (double icon) from the church.

Pictures tells more than thousand words, so I add here few photos from my little trip.

The Orthodox Christian church of Vaasa, inaugurated in 1866.

 A general view inside of the church.

Me praying in the church.

A sacred "travel icon": the Mother of God and the Son of God.

The beautiful sea shore in Vaasa, the nearby Hietalahti Villa.

Me swimming in the sea (the Gulf of Bothnia aka Pohjanlahti).

Birch alley in Vaasa.

 This Origami (paper crane) is made by my friend from Vaasa.

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