Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early Winter Came to Finland

Early winter surprised Finland on September 23, 2014. A scene
from the Northern Finland. Photo by the Finnish website.

The swans are leaving Finland. Photo by the Finnish website.

Today, it seems like the winter has come to Finland. It is very early this year. Today, we got a first snow (well, not in my area in Western Finland, but in Northern and Eastern Finland)! Anyway, last night was very cold also here in the west coast, temperature was only -2 °C or 26 ºF.

On this morning, I saw three swans flying towards the south. It was a beautiful but also a plaintive scene. Now it really feels like summer is over and winter is coming. Well, no problem for me. As my friends knows, the winter is my favorite season of the year.

Lately, I have been very busy in my work, and that's why I've been so silent in my blog and YouTube. Yesterday, I started my 10 days summer vacation. I worked all summer long, and only now I have time enough to rest and relax and just be a lazy. :)

Let me tell some other news from my life.

Three weeks ago, I started to study Russian language in the adult training college. It's quite difficult but also very interesting. I can only do my best, and my Russian friend support me. At least I hope so. Haha. ;)

Last Saturday, I visited in the local antique store, and I bought four old Finnish military magazines, useful for me since military history is my job and also my hobby.

Well, these were the latest updates from chilly Finland. Stay tuned, and see you, my friends. Have a wonderful autumn to all!


P.S. The photos in this article are not taken by me, except the image of magazines.

My Russian textbook called «Пора!» (English: It's
time). In this case, it is time to learn Russian! :)

The old Finnish military magazines (mostly comics) which
I bought from the local antique store. Photo by Teisuka.