Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from Bonnie & Clyde!

Please check out the video above. It is my first duet with my dear Japanese friend Michiko-chan. More than two years ago, I promised to Michiko that one day I will sing together with her. This is that day! ^_^

I'm not a good singer (actually not a singer at all), but a man must keep his word. So here we go! I am innocent. She forced me to do this... Hahaha! :D

The video is made by Michiko-chan. Seriously, I am grateful and proud for this collaboration, because that was nice, unique and fun. Hontou ni arigatou, Bonnie-chan! ^_^

Thank you all for being here, and Happy New Year to everyone from 'Bonnie & Clyde' aka Michiko & Teisuka with this video!┗(^o^)┐ヘ( ^.^)ノ


  1. Dear Bro. Teisuka.....Whata duet with Michiko, remarkable just found out hope is not to late lol
    sad to read that u are leaving YT, waiting for your
    return in the near future perhapes or at least keep us in touch for a dear fr4iend of YT, best wishes and support whatever u decided, may everything is good around my friend and beloved one, greetings from windy city / Tze

    1. Dear my brother Tze,

      So glad to see you here and get the greetings from "windy city". Actually, this was the first comment to the New Year article of Michiko-chan and me. Never too late. :)

      Yes, for personal reasons, I decided to leave YouTube, at least for now. Probably, I will come back later, but right now... nope. So I am happy you found my blog and we can keep in touch in the future too.

      Blessings to you and yours, my dear friend!

      Best wishes