Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love Beautify the World

After a long time, I wrote a poem.

What a day for you whose heart is in love,
the sun is shining, the world is in harmony,
the unspeakable peace lives in your soul,
pure joy and gratitude – no shadows at all.
Everyone, everywhere is smiling, is happy,
you see all the beauty as for the first time,
all is clear, all is pure and white –
blessed are those who are in love.

Teisuka (January 22, 2014)


  1. Hi Teisuka,
    What a beautiful poem! It exactly expresses the feelings of those in love! So love can work miracles! It can even change the reality! So here comes the question: what is reality? Most people believe it is the environment, the surroundings, and the situations they are in. But actually it is our hearts that create the reality, isn't it? We can choose to be happy, and choose to be sad.

    Thank you for such an excellent poem in a cold day, it should warm up everybody. Ha ha...may you enjoy the rest of the week and have a nice weekend! -:)

    1. Hi Bao,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and compliment. That made me glad. I agree with you, love can work miracles or even change the reality. I have the same view about reality – ultimately, it's in every man's heart! That's why each reality is a little bit different, and we can not say "your reality is wrong, and only mine is right". Haha. This poem simply tells what happens when love strikes. It's a Divine miracle and great joy. :)

      Again, many thanks for visiting, my friend. You too, enjoy your rest of the week, and have a great weekend ahead. Blessings!


    2. It's beautiful, Teisuka. A dreamer is always a dreamer, even when he's not in love:)

    3. Hi Monica,

      Many thanks for your kind words, my friend. Glad to see you in my blog. Yeah, I guess you are right. Even a "sleeping volcano" is a volcano. Haha. :)



  2. Amen!
    hi Teisuka^^ very nice poem, congrats!^^ have a wonderful day my dear friend!^^


    1. Hi Nika,

      Thank you very much for your "amen" and kind words. It made me glad. ^^ You too, have a wonderful day, my dear friend! ^^ By the way, today I'm going to visit Vaasa and Orthodox Church. So this will be a great day for me. And I keep my angel friend always in my prayers. ^^


    2. "My angel friend" = you. Just a clarification. Xaxa. :D
      Please spend a wonderful day, dear Nika! My train is leaving soon. See ya! ^^