Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Here We Go – for Faith and Love!

Me at the anti-racism demonstration. The English translation of the text on my sign:
"Orthodox for charity, against hate speech." In Christian theology, charity means
that we love our neighbor as ourselves.

Hello, my friends! 〈( ^.^)ノ Sorry for the long silence. It's time to share my news again.

Lately, I've been quite busy. Except that I'm working in the studio technology museum project and karaoke bar, I am very active in the local Orthodox Christian union. I've been a chairman in this association since 2014.

One week ago, we finally got own, permanent room (a modest leasehold) in this city. It's a big step for us, because we are minority church in Finland. In my city, we have no own church nor even chasovnya (chapel) – not yet, but we are hopeful that one day we will have it! There are about 70.000 Orthodox Christians in Finland, but 250 millions (!) in the whole world.

One thing to another: last Saturday (February 6) here was an anti-racism demonstration in my hometown, and I was also there. Actually, it was the first demonstration which I have ever participated. (And I think, I was the only Orthodox Christian there.) Whoa, I'm a radical! ┗(^o^)┐ Hahaha. To be serious, here is a quote from the website of 'No racism in my name' movement:

"No racism in my name! A demonstration for us who won’t be used as an excuse for racist speech and actions. No one has the right to patrol the streets or demand closing the borders in our name. We don’t need anyone in Finland taking the law in their own hands in order to 'protect our women', we just want everyone in this country to be able to live in peace, together."

The event was a counter-demonstration for the 'Close the borders!' demonstration that was held in the city's central square at the same time. We wanted to show that there are also open-minded and empathetic people in this city.  The organizers of the counter-demonstration were two young and brave female students. Another of them is a good friend of mine.

On the "enemy side", there were redneck racists, far-right activists and even neo-Nazis (the members of The Finnish Resistance Movement and Soldiers of Odin). I hate Nazism more than any other ism. It's totally sick and Satanic ideology.

Unfortunately, it's a fact that these days far-right movements are rising all over the Europe. The Red Army defeated the Nazis 71 years ago (and I'm grateful for that), but now those beasts are alive and well again. More and more, the current world situation brings to mind the 1930s, and I find it very worrying. To be honest, I'm afraid that we will see a new great war in next few years...

What we can do? I think we can only stay calm, keep our faith and hope and love. Where ever we are, we have to stand for humanity and human rights and freedom against racism, Nazism and other sinister ideologies. Trying to be a good person – this is something that everyone can do. World peace begins in your heart. Our Lord Jesus Christ says, "Love your neighbor as yourself".

From Finland with love and peace,


Birthday gifts from my Russian angel Nika: Putin mug and Gagarin mug. So cool.
Two guys I admire. Ура! Большое спасибо, милая моя! ヘ( ^.^)乂( ^.^)ノ

A later addition:

Birthday Gifts from Nika

I had a birthday last week (February 11), and today I received a massive parcel from my Russian sweetheart Nika. The parcel included many kinds of lovely souvenirs, like Gagarin mug and Putin mug, three collectors coins (Vladimir Putin, Valentina Tereshkova, and the Great Patriotic War), a refrigerator magnets, a little wooden church, and almost two kilograms (!) of chocolate. :D

My God, what a gifts! My personal favorites are Gagarin and Putin mugs. So cool to drink my coffee or tea by using these mugs of the guys I admire. Thank you very much, my angel! Once again, you made my day! I thank God for you, and I love you! Большое спасибо, милая моя! Я люблю тебя!  ( ̄ー ̄)


(Updated February 15, 2016.)

Souvernirs, refrigerator magnets and collectors coins: Vladimir Putin, Yuri Gagarin,
Valentina Tereshkova, and the Great Patriotic War), and a little wooden church.

My table full of a Russian chocolate – almost two kilograms!!! Haha.
Thank you, Nikushka. Yummy! :D

Close-up of the collectors coins: a Russian president Vladimir Putin and a Soviet cosmonaut
Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space in 1963. Putin just congratulated
Tereshkova on her 79th birthday: "You are rightly considered an outstanding,
extraordinary personality, a true legend of the national and world cosmonautics. Your
strong character, profound knowledge and a proactive stance in life and civic activities
have always helped you achieve your goals and fully realise your rich professional
and creative potential." (Source: The official website of the Kremlin, March 6, 2016.)

A little wooden church (and a box at the same time).
Really lovely souvenir from Russia.

A birthday gift from my Finnish friend Gilmore: a Russian novel called
Medeia ja hänen lapsensa (in Finnish; in Russian: Медея и ее дети; in
English: Medea and Her Children), written by Lyudmila Ulitskaya. Kiitos!

Me in chasovnya of Lapua, 31 January 2016.

Chasovnya of Lapua. Chasovnya (in Finnish: tsasouna;
in Russian: часовня) is a Christian Orthodox chapel.


  1. Hey you radical, congratulations for standing up for your beliefs. Love is always a good cause,....I , like you , very much dislike the far right,....so much hate, fear mongering, and negativity .......do what's right brother......kindest regards......Glenn :)

    1. Hi Glenn. Thank you very much for your support and appreciation. It means a lot for me, because I know your history – I mean, where have you been, and what are your values. Yes, it seems we share the same opinion regarding this issue. My respect and blessings to you, brother! :) Kindest regards, Teisuka

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sebastian. Thank you for your encouragement and support, brother! I wish you all the very best! :) Teisuka

  3. Hi, Teisuka! Congratulations for fighting for your beliefs and for expressing them so clear and loud! I hope too in times of Peace and harmony all over the World. Monica

    1. Hi, Monica. Thank you very much for your kind words and support. Yes, let there be peace on Earth! :) Best wishes, Teisuka

    2. Happy birthday, dear friend! I'm sorry I didn't know in time about your birthday, but I wish you all the best in the world! Very beautiful gifts you reveived from your angel, especially the chocolate mmm:) Monica

    3. Thank you for your good wishes, Monica. Yes, my angel is so kind to me. Be well and take good care, my friend. I wish you all the very best! :) Teisuka

  4. ¸.•´¸.•* ♫ Hello Teisuka-san... old bubby old pal.... It is me... LOL... Normally I came by and quietly walked away... but today I saw your new post and it was quite amazing.... Thanks for stand for what you believe and I am supporting that too.... Too often people all forget that we all came from the same place million years ago... Anyway.... good article you have shared here.... In the mean time, I wish you a Merry St Valentine's Day my friend....

    1. Hello, Shawn-san. Thank you for being here, and also thanks for your nice message and support! I'm glad to see my friends here around the world sharing the same humane views. I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, my friend. Be well and take good care of yourself! Peace! :) Teisuka

    2. ¸.•´¸.•* ♫ Wonderful b-day gifts you received this year... LOL... I am sure you enjoyed them much... Take care my friend... have a great weekend...

    3. Hi Shawn. Thanks for coming by again. I'm sure your comment also makes Nika glad. Yes, she really send me wonderful gifts! She's my sweet and kind angel. ^___^ You too, take good care of yourself, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend! :) Greetings from snowy Finland, Teisuka

  5. That's some fine looking birthday stuff you got there. My favourite is the one where Putin rides a bear :D

    - Doyle -

    1. Hello, Doyle. Thanks for your nice comment. Glad to see you here, my old neighbor! Yep, I got really great gifts from Nika, and Putin riding a bear (a refrigerator magnet) is the funniest one. Thanks to Nika, my refrigerator's door is now "shot full" of magnets like bullet holes. Haha. :D Have a nice weekend, buddy, and hope to meet you soon! ~Teisuka

  6. Hi Teisuka,

    First of all, please accept my really late birthday greetings to you! Happy birthday, my friend! Sorry for failing to visit your blog site earlier. I've been pretty busy lately, but I haven't totally forgot about you. So I'm here now, haha...

    Hats off to you for being part of the anti-racism demonstration! You did the right thing to have your voice heard. Our world needs more people like you to stand up for human rights, freedom and justice, which will prevail. And I agree with you in saying that "World peace begins in your heart." Amen!

    Also, I'd like to congratulate you on receiving these wonderful souvenirs from your Russian Angel Nika. They are very cute and unique. So you got two kilograms of chocolate? Wow...that's nice! But be careful, you might get fat from eating it. Just kidding! lol

    Thank you for sharing part of your interesting life with us. May your life be filled with more blessings and joy! And keep up the good work as a radical! haha...

    Enjoy the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend, my friend! :-)


    1. Hi Bao,

      Many thanks for your belated birthday wishes and nice message. How have you been, my friend? I understand very well that you've been busy. Likewise, my friend. We all have our obligations and urgent matters.

      Nice to see that we share the same opinion about racism and human rights. Thank you for your support and encouragement, Mr. Bao. I really appreciate it, since I know you are wise and humane guy. :)

      Also thanks for your good feedback regarding the Russian birthday gifts I received. I'm sure this also delights Nika. She is always so kind to me and her gifts are lovingly chosen. :)

      Again, thank you for being here today, Bao. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Be well and take good care of yourself, my friend!

      Blessings from snowy (20 cm) and chilly (-5 °C) Finland,