Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Sphere of Beauty

In my darkest moment, came a girl and said: "Do not despair."
Then she was laughing, her laughter lighted the whole sphere.
"I'm just a girl", she said, "and I can not even speak so well."
But I knew, she was an angel, and she raised me up from hell.

Through her eyes she taught me to see the beauty everywhere.
"Behold!" the angel said, "Look at all those flowers out there."
Although far from each other we live in a conjunction.
Together we stand, we are safe – is it just a fiction?

A poem by Teisuka (May 31, 2014)


  1. Hi Teisuka,

    What a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing it, my friend! The poem reflects your journey of faith, doesn't it? You are truly blessed to have such an angel in your life. She has definitely brightened up your life. Even though we are only online friends, and I still don't know you that well, I can see that your attitude toward life has been even more positive than before. Please keep it up, and I'm sure you'll be more blessed. -:)

    Thanks again for your great poem. May you find more joy and peace in your life! Have a great new week! -:)


    1. Hi Bao,

      Many thanks for visiting here and for your kind words and good wishes. I really appreciate your support, my friend. You are right, this is a very personal poem which reflects my journey of faith. And yes, I am blessed to have such an angel (spiritual guide and dear friend) in my life. Hopefully I can keep a positive attitude. You too, have a great week, my friend. I wish all the best and blessings to you and your family! :)


  2. hello Teisuka(^^)/ very beautiful poem i liked it :)
    Happy Trinity Sunday my dear friend!✿


    1. Hello Nikushka! (^^)/ Большое спасибо! I am happy you like it. You too, Happy Trinity Sunday, my dear friend... мой ангел! ^^ Teisuka

  3. Hi, Teisuka! Very beautiful poem! I understood it and once, I lived it. I wish you good luck and good times to you and your angel and to never break apart! Monica Albu

    1. Hi, Monica. Thank you very much for your kind words and compliment, my friend. I'm glad to hear you liked and understood my poem. Sometimes we human beings can be angels to each other. For my part, I wish all the best to you and your loved ones! :) Teisuka