Friday, April 12, 2013

My Top 12 Favorite Movies

I'm a friend of movies - not a fan, because fan means fanatic, and I don't like to be fanatic in any way. :) Also, I'm not a collector. I just love to watch different kinds of movies: Hong Kong films, Russian films, Western films, science fiction, drama, comedy, war films, and so on. I have 552 movies on DVD and VHS, including 96 Asian films, 84 science fiction films, and 40 Russian films.

Movies have quite a big role in my life, but I haven't written any articles about them for my blog yet. So this time, I want to list my favorite films at the moment (country, year, director, and genre in parentheses). To find out more information, click the name of the film.

  1. Stalker (Soviet Union 1979, d: Andrei Tarkovsky, science fiction art film)
  2. Andrei Rublev (Soviet Union 1966, d: Andrei Tarkovsky, religious drama)
  3. The Island / Ostrov (Russia 2006, d: Pavel Lungin, religious drama)
  4. (Italy / France 1963, d: by Federico Fellini, comedy-drama)
  5. 2046 (Hong Kong 2004, d: Wong Kar-wai, romance / science fiction)
  6. Seven Samurai (Japan 1954, d: Akira Kurosawa, samurai film)
  7. Where Eagles Dare (United Kingdom / USA 1968, d: Brian G. Hutton, war film)
  8. The Unknown Soldier (Finland 1955, d: Edvin Laine, war film)
  9. Mulholland Drive (USA / France 2001, d: David Lynch, mystery / drama / thriller)
  10. The Worthless (Finland 1982, d: Mika Kaurismäki, road movie)
  11. Hiroshima mon amour (France / Japan 1959, d: Alain Resnais, romantic drama)
  12. The Magnificent Seven (United States 1960, d: John Sturges, Western film)

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Seven Samurai (Japan, 1954).

The Unknown Soldier (Finland, 1955).


  1. Hi Teisuka,
    Hope everything has been going well for you since you left Youtube. It looks like you're doing fine, and I'm really happy for you.-:)I'm very much impressed by your collection of movies. 552, wow, that's a lot! I'm also a movie fan, but I watched far fewer movies than you. And the funny thing is, I always forgot the title of a movie after I watched it. -:) Bad memory! I like sci-fi movies and suspense movies. But it's hard to find really good ones, there are always silly parts and plot holes in these movies. Among your favorite movies, I only know 2046. I never saw it, but I know it is a very good movie. Wong Kar-wai is a genius, almost all the movies he directed are very good. Recently I saw his movie called "Chungking Express" (released in 1994), while it is definitely a high quality one, I don't think its plots are that realistic, so I don't like it that much. But all my Chinese friends love it. I suggest that you watch this one if you have a chance, I'd like to know what you think of it. :)

    It seems to me that you love old movies. For me, I love old songs, but enjoy new movies. I think I'm more attracted to the excellent special effects and visual aids of new movies. I'm very superficial. ha ha :)

    Thank you for sharing your interests regarding movies and novels. Hope you are enjoying your weekend now. Please take care, my friend, and hope that you will feel better with everything, especially your health. Talk to you later. Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Bao,

      Thank you very much for your great comment, my friend. Nice to hear you like sci-fi movies and suspense movies. You're right, there are also so much "not-so-good-movies". You mentioned 'Chungking Express'. To my mind, it is excellent movie - I really love it. Indeed, Wong Kar-wai is the greatest romanticist of our time. I have all his movies, and he is my favorite director together with Andrei Tarkovsky (Russia) and Federico Fellini (Italy). :)

      I wish you a great week ahead, my friend. Be well and take good care of yourself. 保重!



  2. Hello my good friend Teisuka
    I visite your vlog for the first time because of some trouble youtube have.It is so interesting and more personnal too.Boston tragedy make me nervious,a terrible event,these mens was capture yesterday,good new and many question for later for security.You know Boston is about 4 hours drive to my place but not in the same country.Ok i watch the video that you recommand about vladimir Putin,so interesting to discover the real face of this man,really surprise in a good way.You know in the past i visited Russia.
    About his religion it is a little different of mine Catholique Roman but not so.
    Bye now,next time. A friend Fernand.

    1. Hello Fernand,

      Many thanks for your kind message, my new friend. I'm glad you found my blog. :) So you live in Canada? You are right, there is no big difference between Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Quite similar. Fortunately, the Boston police solved the case and got those bombers. It was also good that Americans and Russians made a close cooperation on counterterrorism after the Boston Marathon bombings, and they agreed to continue working together on security issues.

      Have a nice week to you, my friend.

      Blessings from Finland,



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