Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nocturnal Poem

Just a humble poem, inspired by the nocturnal video made by my dear friend Nika (see the video below). (^—^)

The city is bright, full of light,
we are walking in the night,
coming from nowhere
but the history is here.
Hourglass full of sand,
your hand is in my hand.
O, no haste, no waste -
this is more than reality:
pure moment of eternity!


  1. Hi Teisuka,
    Lovely poem, so is Nika's video. Your poem is really well written, picturing a scene of romance. Am I right? That's how I understand it. You know what, your poem and Nika's video make me visualize such a scene: a pair of young lovers, hand in hand, or arm in arm, are strolling on the 5th Ave in Manhattan at a cold winter night, window shopping. They are not rich, so they can't afford the stuffs in these high-end shops, but they're in love, and that's enough. From time to time, I always visualize such a scene, and hopefully one day I can present it in my video. Ha ha...maybe that's my wishful thinking, but I do love things romantic. -:) Thank you for the poem and video. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hello Mr. Bao! ^^

      Thank you for coming by, my faithful friend. And wow, what a deep comment you wrote! You got it - the point of my poem. It's all about love (romance). ^^ I really like the scene you visualized. Excellent, my friend! At the latest now, I can see that you are true romanticist, too. And so they say, all Chinese are romantic people. Haha. :D

      Yes, "window shopping" can be good enough. We don't need to buy all that stuff. Except that women really needs a lot of shoes and things like that. Hahaha. :D But if couple is poor (not rich) but they have love, they are the richest people in the world. Because love is the most valuable thing in the world! :) Like the Bible says: "If a man would give all the substance of his house for love, he would utterly be contemned" (Song of Songs 8:7).

      Regarding Nikas videos, they are truly wonderful. Through her lovely videos, I have become more and more familiar with the beautiful city of Moscow. Often, I find her videos very inspiring, because I love history and old Russian culture. :)

      Have a nice weekend to you, my friend!

      Blessings from Finland (and I dare to say) from Russia as well ^^