Friday, January 25, 2013

Sretensky Monastery in Moscow - Built in Memory of Miracle

The history of Holy Russia includes many amazing stories. One of them is about the Sretensky Monastery (Russian: Сретенский монастырь, Москва) and the icon called 'Our Lady of Vladimir' aka 'Theotokos of Vladimir' (Russian: Владимирская икона Божией Матери). This story is for the glory of God.

An old monastery in the heart of the modern metropolis. Photos by Nika.

On August 26, 1395, invasion of a Turkic ruler Tamerlane (Timur) threatened Moscow. A huge army of enemy soldiers came closer and closer. The Muscovites were afraid, and prepared to martyrdom. In this situation, the ruling Prince commanded to bring an old miracle-working icon from Vladimir to Moscow to protect the capital city from the invasion of the enemy.

According to the OrthodoxWiki: "Along the way, on both sides of the road, countless people prayed kneeling: 'O Mother of God, save the land of Russia!' At that same time, when the people of Moscow were meeting the Vladimir Icon on Kuchkov Field, Tamerlane while sleeping in his camp, dreamed of a great mountain, at the summit of which were the holy hierarchs with golden staffs coming towards him. Above them, in a brilliant radiance, was a Majestic Woman. She commanded him to leave Russia. Awakening in fright, Tamerlane asked the meaning of the vision. The experts answered that the Radiant Lady was the Mother of God, the great Protectress of Christians. Tamerlane then gave the order for his troops to retreat."

It was a miracle, that big army just turned away without any battle! The Mother of God had saved Moscow!

The grateful monarch founded the monastery to the memory of miracle. Sretensky Monastery was built on the spot where the Muscovites and the ruling Prince, Vasily I of Moscow, had met the icon.

Orthodox Christians in Russia believe that 'Vladimir Mother of God' has saved Moscow many times during the history. The last time was in December 1941, when the Nazis attacked Moscow. This sacred image is very old. It is said that icon was painted by the Evangelist Luke himself! The icon is presently located in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

On this week my dear Russian friend Nika visited Sretensky Monastery and made a short documentary film about it. Please see her video and enjoy the sacred trip. You can feel the wings of history!

The photos in this article (except the icon) are taken by Nika. This is our first collaboration, and I'm grateful for that. We wish you all God's blessing. God is the Lord of history, and this is why miracles happen.

Teisuka & Nika

'Our Lady of Vladimir' aka 'Theotokos of
Vladimir', an old miracle-working icon,
has saved Moscow many times.

Attachment: Hymn (Troparion) of Theotokos of Vladimir

O Mistress, Empress and Lady,
Defend all who are in danger and misfortune
Or weak from many sins,
And who stand before your holy Icon
Praying with tears, humility, repentance, and invincible hope,
Free them from all evil,
Give them the grace they need.
And save us all, O Virgin Mother of God,
For Your are the divine refuge of those who follow you!


  1. Hi Teisuka,
    Thank you guys for introducing Sretensky Monastery to us. It's a very important, interesting part of the Russian history. Thanks to Nika for the nice pictures and video! Great job!

    1. Hi Bao,

      Thank you very much for visiting and dropping a friendly comment here. :) I'm really happy and proud of this first collaboration with Nika. Because long time I've thinking, what we could to make together. I appreciate she gave me a permission to use her great pictures and videos. Who knows, perhaps we will make more this kind of projects in the future, since we share an intrest in many same things. ^^

      Blessings to you, my friend.


  2. Hiya Teisuka-san and Nika-san

    That was very interesting! And the video was most beautiful. I had a few VERY peaceful moments while watching the video. Just curious, did Nika-san participated in Mass there? I can just imagine how profound the feeling must be.. wow!

    Looking forward to mmore.. thank you both for this wonderful collaboration!

    - Michiko

    1. Dear Michiko-chan,

      Many thanks for your kind words. :) Nika visited this monastery on Monday afternoon, so I think she didn't participate in mass this time. Nika can correct me, if I am wrong. ^^

      Yes, I also hope there will be more this kind of collaborations in the future. Perhaps, because Nika loves photographing, and I love writing. ^^

      Blessings to you and your loved ones, dear Michiko-chan, and once again: thank you for visiting! ^^